ENG3U: What do you know about Shakespeare?

As we begin our Shakespearean unit, and the exploration of his play Macbeth, it is apropos for us to explore what we know already and where we might want to go during this period of learning.

Do you rememebr the beginning of the semester when I asked you what English meant to you and the term ‘Shakespeare’ dominated our board? Why was this the first name that came to your mind? What do you know about Shakespeare?

English Thoughts

Add to the Padlet below with your thoughts. What do you know about Shakespeare? Add how you know what you share as well – you can do this by stating the source specifically in brackets or by adding an image or video to your comment.

Your challenge: ask one student, one teacher / administrator, and one family member what they know about Shakespeare and add their comment (or a video of them making their comment) here on the board.

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  1. That is so ironic. My students used Padlet to showcase their knowledge of Shakespeare prior to reading Twelfth Night just like it seems your students did the same! Great English Teacher minds must think alike 🙂

    Maybe if your students have a chance, they could comment on my students’ blogs. We are from Joliet, Illinois. It’s about 40 minutes South of Chicago.

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